Wednesday, April 27, 2005


I can't believe it.. I have managed to complete 5KM on the treadmill in 37 minutes!

Now if I could just arrange for the ground to keep moving when I do the "Race for Life"...

Lekker soos a 5KM hardlooper..

Saturday, April 23, 2005


Something strange has happened. Something has fired in my brain, and I am once again addicted to exercise.


At this rate I should complete the "Race for Life"... in under an hour ;-)

..Now shall I sign up for the Bristol Half Marathon in October?

Friday, April 15, 2005


Red, Yellow, Green or Blue....

Hmmmmm. S'a tricky one.

We have tickets to Glastonbury this year! (Lekker!)

I haven't been before.

Does one wear one's tweeds and pearls to Glasto?

Note to self:
Take wellies
Remember Tent
Find Tent
Remember how to assemble tent (in dark)
Take Loo Roll
Take Tweeds
Take Dosh
Take Torch that doubles as a brolly to wear on head.
Rememeber Pearls

Any other tips most greatfully accepted.

Off to see Bath play in the Powergen Cup Final tomorrow.

C'mon you Baaaaaarth.

Where have the last few months gone?! Since coming home from fantastic Budapest I've been based in two very tropical locations - Blackpool and Accrington (Yes - Stanley).

And ee bye gum it's true what they say - TIS GRIM UP NORTH. Or maybe tis just grim living at hotels and out of suitcases.

Travelling aside life is good, spring is in the air. And I have let the power of sport back into my life. The one good thing with hotel is the free gym/pool and squash courts. I haven't made use of the pool yet (I have a thing about the English and their overheated indoor swimming pools) - but I have made a habit of playing Squash once a week and going to the gym at least 3 times a week.

L and I have also signed up for a 5KM run for charidee. It's not a huge distance, I know - but the furthest I have run in the longest time! So we're hitting the streets of Bath (When I'm here) in a bid to get fitter and finish in at the very most 40 mins.

The idea isn't really about time and position - but more about raiing money for Cancer research UK. You can sponsor me here:

My Sponsorship Page.