Wednesday, June 29, 2005


What a surreal experience - a microcosm of society, crammed onto one huuuuge farm.

The tweed, pearls and wellies went down a treat, and we cunningly avoided this (see pic) by camping on the top of a hill. Brilliant.

We managed to see acts at the Pyramid Stage, Dance Village, John Peel Tent, Acoustic Tent & Avalon:

FRIDAY: John Butler Trio, Elvis Costello, Doves, The Killers & The White Stripes
SATURDAY: Martha Wainwright, Kaiser Chiefs, Levellers,Keane, New Order & Coldplay
SUNDAY: Baka Beyond, Terri Walker, Jem, Garbage, Primal Scream, Wailers & Basement Jaxx

We also managed to spend time in the Cinema, Tipi Field, Cabaret tent, Circus tent, Greenpeace Field & Lost Vagueness (including watching a service at the Chapel of Fear and Loathing - hilarious!)

It's lekker to be home, and to be CLEAN again.


Saturday, June 11, 2005


I watched the Kiwis trounce the Fijians this morning.

The Lions are in for a kicking.

Soon to be seen in a museum near you. One stuffed lion.


Dis nie lekker nie.
Liverpool get in Champions League

Hoorah! Lekker.

Weeeee are the champions, my frieeeeends.

* * * * *

Noice. Of is dit lekker?

The law should be changed thus:

"Due to limited sunshine hours in the British Isles in a year, June and July are hereby declared to be months of rest. The law."

Never underestimate the power of daylight.

Lekker, innit.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

New 5KM PB Set!

Woooooo! I can't believe it - I completed the "Race for Life" 5KM run in 29 minutes!

Some speculation does exist over the exact length of the race... either my pedometer is wrong and I've been seriously over-training, or the official Race for Life measurers were feeling rather generous.


Just when I thought running wasn't quite as interesting anymore, I have been sucked right back in, and now want to keep improving.

But Lekker.