Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Oooooo. I'm loving this hazy-lazy heatwave. It slows everyone down to a g'day-mate-how's-it-g'aaan-ya-maahn-every-ting-is-ayrie pace. Brilliant!!

So. What a month! June two thousand & nine A.D. was most certainly a virtuous one.

I ditched all alcohol...

Took part in Jam-busting June...

Completed another Triathlon without drowning or falling off m'bike & kept m'dodgy ankle ticking over...

It was so virtuous that m'halo became self-polishing. It did.

So onto Debaucherous July, then.

Although I'm starting at the local tri club in a few weeks time: and it looks like they have a session (or two) of something or other every day - so there may be little time for debauchery.



Blogger Sarah said...

Where do you get your energy, girl?? Well done, all the same - and here's to July! S

12:14 PM  
Blogger My Secret Diary said...

Yo!!! greetings from Durban.. came accross your site and thought id say hello! steve

2:35 PM  

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