Friday, February 04, 2005

(What-if I could produce art/play sport for a living?)

Today we're learning about What-If analysis and Assets. Veeeery exciting stuff (according to the lecturer).

I can't believe I've ended up in the realm of all things financial.

My dearly departed Pa would be so proud.

Mom has a good story about his excitement in the early days of computing when they were installing "Mainframe" in his office in SA. "So someone can come into the rates department, make a payment, and it'll be possible to view the transaction in a separate room on another PC!!"

Back in the days when computers took up whole rooms.

He was also an avid "Tomorrow's World" fan.

I often think of him, and wonder what he would make of technology today...

Christ, I miss him.

My Pa was die beste. Die Lekkerste.